Tuesday, May 19, 2015

James 5 verse 11

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For instance, you know about Job, 
a man of great endurance. 

You can see how the Lord was kind to him
at the end, 

for the Lord is full of tenderness and mercy.

(The Living Translation,
Bill Bright Discover God edition)


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Picot Bind Off

Well, I did decide to go with the Picot Bind Off.

I tried it out on a little swatch and thought it looked nice.  It yields a border that goes well with the visual weight of the shawl and it wasn’t difficult to do at all.

I think it just freaks people out that it takes awhile.  I counted, and you do have to do 10 steps to bind off only 2 stitches.  That’s just gonna take some time, I don’t care who you are!  J

And you’ve already invested all this time (and hopefully some beautiful luxury yarn) into knitting the lace shawl, what’s another day or two?

(The way they talked on Ravelry, I expected it to take me a week!  LOL)

I really wanted to try it out at least once and see for myself, so I did.  It takes a lot of yarn, so I did a bit of calculating and knew I had enough, so, <whew!>

I like what the designer, Bev, said:  “The bind off is worth it, I promise!  My last one was huge, but I broke it down into pattern blocks:  bind off three pattern blocks, then empty the dishwasher, bind off another three, then fill dishwasher again, bind off another three, then clean the bathroom …   I finished it within a day and did so much housework.  Both activities seemed like a treat, as they were a break from the other.”

Now, I’m not as fast as she is, it took me longer than a day -- but I agree with her about alternating activities.  That really helped.  She is one sharp cookie.  And a brilliant designer.  I can’t wait to knit another one of her patterns.  (!)

Now!  Onto blocking!

Lucky Dog

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fragile Heart

So, I have been busily working on knitting my latest lace project!
♥ ♥ ♥

I’ve also been fighting an upper respiratory bug, and I got so very tired of coughing.  L  There for awhile, I hurt in muscles that I didn’t even know I had!  <whew!>

But I’m so thankful that I am a knitter because, even though I was sick, I just love that I can still knit and get something done! 

(Because some other stuff is just gonna have to wait!)

Anyway, the pattern is called Fragile Heart by Boo Knits, and is a lovely crescent-shaped shawl.  (All of her patterns are terribly romantic-looking and gorgeous.)

I haven’t ever knitted a crescent-shaped shawl before.  And this is my first Boo Knits pattern to try, and I am already in love with her designs!

It is also a beaded shawl.  Yummy!  Now I’ve knitted with beads before (using the tiny crochet hook as-you-go method), but never in this amount.  So, that’s kinda cool.  The beads will not only sparkle, but they will also add a bit of weight to the shawl. 
I like that.

When I read the pattern instructions before beginning, it clearly showed that at certain places you place the bead before you make the stitch, and at other times it showed you putting it on after you make the stitch.  Well, that seemed kinda confusing to me, but when I got to that place in the pattern, it totally made sense and wasn’t an issue at all.  Thank heavens!

I joined a group on Ravelry that is working on this very shawl, so it’s been fun to read some of the over 5000 comments (on this pattern alone!!) and get some tips from fellow knitters.

They talk a lot about the Picot Bind Off at the end, and it’s not all good, so I don’t know if that will freak me out or what.  I saw a photo of someone’s shawl that didn’t use it, and it looked very pretty, so I guess I have options. 

I am working with a beautiful yarn that is 100% baby merino wool and it is so soft.  It’s very enjoyable to knit with, and even though it’s labeled as lace yarn, it’s not terribly fine.  In fact, for someone like me who is used to Rowan Kidsilk Haze (practically fuzzy thread!), this yarn seems almost like sock yarn.  So, it has been a very fun yarn to knit with for a change.

I am already wondering what an all-lace version of this pattern would look like if it were knitted with Rowan Kidsilk Haze…! 

Should that be next??   J

Lucky Dog

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Favorite Product: SmartyKat

Our little male cat loves to play. 

Loves to.

As in, he looks straight at my husband and meows until he gives in and gets out a toy to play with him.

To give Mr. Man a break, we got one of these SmartyKat Hot Pursuit toys from Amazon.  I think they’re at Super Walmart, too.  Same price.

And both cats love it!

So much so, that I took the advice of one Amazon reviewer, who said she got two toys, placed them apart, and enjoys watching her cat go back and forth between the two of them.

Great idea!

It’s rare that a cat actually plays with what you bought him, so we’re pretty happy.  And if they get tired of it, there’s always the box it came in.  J!

Lucky Dog

p.s.  I don’t think the feather wand is going to last very long…!

p.p.s.  They're lilac, like on the box cover, not blue.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Texas Wildflowers

Here are some photos of some wildflowers
in Texas.

Seeing the bluebonnets makes me so homesick!

This must be a really good year for them.
(every year isn't)

These photos are courtesy of FaceBook.


Lucky Dog

Monday, April 13, 2015

Under Attack

I'm sorry to be MIA lately,
I have been attacked by all the tree pollens.

I love Spring
and all the new greenery,
but apparently it doesn't love me.

Everything seems extra-lush this year,
especially the tulips...

I just gotta make it
'til pollen season is over.

Until then...

Lucky Dog